Not winning…


Today I woke up, the sun was shining and I could NOT wait to get outside and get in a great 6 mile run later in the day, my day started at a 10 (10 being the best, 1 being the worst).

Work phone calls and emails starting flying in as expected and my computer took a crap… I called our IT guy and he was able to fix my computer but it took an hour.  Although it was annoying the issue got fixed, so my day only dropped to an 9.

I had a dentist appointment on my lunch break that I was DREADING.  I’m not a fan of the dentist and it brings on alot of anxiety so I have avoided going for the last… 2 years!

Yikes, I hate even admitting that!  So it was inevitable that I had more than one cavity:(! My day dropped to a 6.

Work slowed down in the afternoon so I got outside in the sunshine and worked on the garden bed by our deck.  My day shot back up to an 8.



Around 5:30p I set off on my 6 mile run… at mile 3.5 I began to CRASH and BURN!  My head hurt, my stomach, my legs hurt and I hit a mental wall.  Suddenly thoughts of, “oh my god you can’t even run 3.5 miles, how the HELL will you run 13.1 in 5 weeks?”, also “Is your stomach hurting you already? You’re never going to figure this out”!

My 6 mile run ended up only being a really crappy 4 mile run:(!!!  I was really pissed and upset with myself for letting my head get the best of me.  However eating some dinner and taking a nice long bath I decided, today was just one of those days when I was NOT WINNING!

All I can hope for is a good night of sleep tonight and a better run tomorrow!  It is suppose to rain and be cloudy, and since that’s what I am used to running in maybe it will go better;)!!!! And it will be Friday!!!


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  1. What a day! I’m sure today will be better. And we can’t have good runs every day – sometimes our body (and brain!) just needs a rest.
    Happy Friday!!!

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