Vlog for my blog on Monday!




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  1. I love your vlogs 🙂

    In regards to the stomach issues:
    1) How long are you allowing for digestion before running?
    2) Are you able to poop before you start to run?
    3) Are you eating dairy with breakfast? (Sometimes can cause tummy trouble).

    Feel free to not answer these here lol.

  2. I’m with you throwing my computer out the window….I couldn’t get this vlog to play all the way through without stuttering….so i gave up… 😦

  3. Shut up!! Bring me some Joseph’s next weekend! I have been looking for those and when you said that they’re at Super WalMart I called my dad right away (he works there) to check tonight when he’s there. 🙂

  4. Finally got it to work ~ So you found Joesph’s huh? Does this mean you don’t need me to bring you any when we come over? As far as your belly…..eat pasta on Saturday nights please…??

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