Happy dance time…


So my morning has started off GREAT!  Even though it took me an hour and a half to get downtown for work this morning once I did I got a phone call and….

I got a raise:)!!!

Once I found out I immediately got out of my chair and did one of these…

I feel very blessed to have a job I LOVE and get paid well to do!  God is GOOD:)!!!  So even though its suppose to rain the next four days and I will be stuck training on my “dreadmill” life is good! 

Another exciting thing on the work front is I have a meeting with the Clevelands Indians today.  They’re looking to recruit me to be this guy…

No I’m kidding but we may have an opportunity to work with them so I’m excited to see there corporate office and get to know a bit more about them.  Our good friend Eric is in grad school right now and as a part time job is wither the ketchup or mustard mascot (depends which game) and LOVES it!  This is his 2nd season there so I have to get to a game to harass him:)!

Hope everyone is having a great day SO far!!!


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