How sweet it is to be loved by you:)…


Yesterday when I got home from my run I walked into this little treat…

My hubby got me an early “Easter Basket” (my words not his), he called it a “little treat”! We had a discussion awhile ago that little cards and “treats” are nice just because sometimes.  I always tend to pick Mike up a bag of his favorite chocolate covered pretzels and will get him cute cards to just say I’m thinking of him and love him.  So when I saw this when I walked in the door it meant a lot to me that he was actually listening when we had that conversation.  However I was NOT expecting this bag of awesomeness!!!  My bag-o-goodies included:

-A new coffee mug (I am a coffee cup collector)

-Water For Elephants (a book I almost bought this past weekend but decided not too)

-Green tea, Lavender tea (I drink tea every night before bed)

-Reeses peanut butter eggs (YUMO), Gum

-A very cute card:)

What I loved most about my gift bag was that he really put a lot of thought into what he got me, it didn’t cost a ton of $$$ or wasn’t something like flowers that just die (although they are nice to get occasionally as well), they were things that he knew were “me” and that I would use and like.  It’s nice to be loved by someone that cares and takes time to tell and show you so!  This really did make my night last night:)!  It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday bullshit of life and I’m so happy I married a wonderful man that makes me take time to stop and smell the roses!  I love you cutes:)!!!

What’s something special that you do for your partner, children, friends to show them you love them???


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  1. Awwwwww…..what a great guy!!! We tend to get caught up in our day to day lives that we forget that it’s the little things that matter. Way to go, Mike!

  2. Wow ! That is so sweet. Denny picked me up a treat the other day and it was the crackers I like so much with herring in wine sauce, cause he knows I like to munch on it from time to time….little did he know that I had another jar in the fridge 🙂

  3. SO.cute!!!!! Nicely done Mike! He keeps impressing me more and more! I love thoughtful gifts more than anything. Ryan would bring me interesting flowers when we first started dating to get a feel for what I liked and over the past few years as he’s gotten to know me more he is so great at picking out interesting things I would like. Surprises are the best! I write little letters and give back rubs. 🙂

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