Sorry I went M.I.A. this week friends but it was a BUSY week… I don’t want to bore you with all the details but here’s run down of this past week:

Monday: The day from hell with work… I am SO busy and summer is usually when I my work load slows down:(

Tuesday: I woke up ran 3 miles and did some strength training, took a shower and then felt like crap so I spent the remainder of the day sick in bed:(!

Wednesday: I felt better but took the day off from working out.  I ended up driving to Tiffin for work (which worked out great because that’s where my parents live).  But I managed to make a pit stop on the way to see my beautiful granny:)

Thursday: I worked all day and then went to a Jazzercise step class with my mommasita!

Friday: Drove home, worked, ran 5 miles and then went out for karaoke again:)

Saturday: Mike and I ran 3.10 miles and hung out around the house most of the day and then made the mistake of watching Kicking & Screaming last night… Will Farrell’s worst movie ever….

And then today: Today was friends and family day for Team Challenge so the hubby woke up bright and early to go run with me this morning (how awesome is he)!  We had to do an 80 minute run today so I ended up running 7.5 miles!!! That is the farthest I have EVER ran so I was pretty damn proud of myself.  I was also SOOO proud of my hubby who also set a PR in distance and ran 5 miles!

After we got back home we did a few things around the house, then showered up and headed out to enjoy this beautiful 80 degree sunny day!  Is it safe to say spring has arrived?!?!








I can’t believe its back to work already tomorrow but tis’ life!  Have a great week everyone!!!!


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  1. Your Grandma is Beautiful! I spent Saturday afternoon with her, and we did a few things around her house. I decorated for Easter yesterday and “Springified” the house, then we enjoyed the back deck!! What a Great Day for both of us!!

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