I had an AWESOME 6.5 mile run this morning!  My “Operation 48hrs.” paid off!  The weather was beautiful this morning and there were alot of people on the towpath so the run actually went by quite quickly!  Since I feel great, the hubby and I are off to catch a flick.  We are going to see Insidious it looks scary and brutal… so basically right up our alley:)!!!

Since this post is a quickie here is a video our good friends made of Mike and I for our engagement last summer that I never shared with my blogging friends… Enjoy:)

Can you tell I shed some pounds???  Please lie:)!!! Happy Sunday!


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  1. I love this video!!! Ironically I was listening to Cosmic Love RIGHT BEFORE I pushed play so when it came on for the video I restarted it thinking my cd was drowning your video still. Hah! Love the pops of red! And GREAT job on the run! Hoping my 5 miler is going to go well today too.

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