Vlog in Blog Week #2


It’s that time of the week again!  Enjoy:)


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  1. 1. I love that you have notes.
    2. OMG, love what you said about easily digested foods — sounds like you were listening to some super cool girl who presented 😛 Hope you figure out what works for you! You can do it.. and digestive problems with running are very common so just keep monitoring what you are putting into your body.
    3. I still love that we both were married in September.
    4. Congrats on the weight loss — you’re doing awesome!
    5. Yayyy for recommitting!!!
    6. Yes, I’m numbering my thoughts because your video is 14 minutes and I’m listening to it while looking at other things too.
    7. I need more strength training too. I miss taking classes for strength training.. in Hawaii.. with new friends..
    8. OMG GREYS ANATOMY WAS NOT HORRIBLE! I started typing this to say omg glad you loved it too and then I had to scold you! 😛 Callie has an amazzzzzing voice and was trained at Juliard — did you know that? Anyway, I thought it was fun to see the actors sing. So surprised that the facebook didn’t like it 😦 I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!
    9. #8 got a little long.
    10. Love you!
    11. Awwwwwww you just gave me a shout outttttt!
    12. Bye friend.. I’m pressing post comment nowwwww.

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