Our mom says our dad is a real sex machine


Ok so I know I live in Ohio and the weather well um suckssssss… but I really really hoped and prayed that old man weather hit the bricks but…. SIKE (yes I said sike)!

This morning I woke up and drove to the towpath.  It was cold but the sun was out and it was beautiful.  I got a great 4.5 mile run in so it was hard to believe that a few short hours later it would be snowing….. AGAIN!  Meanwhile my bff is in Vegas posting pictures of herself on face book laying poolside!  Can you say biotchhhh!

Once Mike got home we decided we needed a low key stress free kinda night so we ordered a pie and watched a oldie but goodie movie on the boob tube.

I don’t know if I thought it was cute or weird that my husband practically knew EVERY line to this movie!  He also said Arnold used to be his favorite actor…

Yea he’s definitely a weirdo!


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  1. When you said ordered a “pie” I thought you meant from Bakers Square or something!! Haha! Then a few minutes later I realized what you really meant. Duh.

  2. i wish you were here with me bff! sorry about the ‘rubbing it in text’ but this is paradise! miss you! xoxox p.s. boy have penis’s and girls have virgina’s.

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