Listen to the wisdom of the toothless ones. ~Fijian Proverb


Today was a hard day for me I had to drop my sweet boy Scooby off at the vet to have dental surgery.  We noticed the last couple weeks that he had been eating less and less and all signs pointed to his teeth!  Scooby is miniature daschund and his breed is known for having dental issues and ears issues and unfortunately he has both.

Luckily I take Scooby to great team of vet’s so we got him into the doctor last Friday for a check up to see if it was indeed his teeth.  The doctor confirmed and we agreed it would best if Scooby came back in Monday (today) for a dental cleaning and the doctor explained that just by the small peek she got into Scooby’s mouth that more than a couple teeth would definitely need to be pulled out.

Scooby FREAKS out if anyone goes near his mouth so a dental cleaning meant that that he would have to be put under.  As many of you know when anyone is put “under” human or animal there is always a chance something could happen, so I was nervous to say the least.

I didn’t sleep well last night so this morning was tough getting ready for work and then getting Scooby together to be dropped off at the vet at 7:30am.  When I dropped him off the nurse told me he would be in surgery most of the day and if I didn’t hear from them by 2:00pm that I should call them.  Well the day dragged on and on and it was 1:55pm with still no word from the vet… so I called them:)  They put the vet on the phone and she told me Scooby’s surgery and cleaning went wonderful but they had to pull 5 big teeth:( and that Scooby would be in recovery until 4pm.

I arrived at 4:00pm on the dot to pick up my little man and the doctor came out and explained everything that was done in a bit more detail.  Scooby had all four molars pulled on the upper half of his mouth along with his left top canine tooth.

Which meant he needs some meds, two antibiotics along with doggie morphine:)!

The vet said Scooby would need alot of comfort along with the meds so I came home and did for my “son” what my mom always did for me when I was feeling under the weather…. I made him a nest on the couch!!!

Scooby has gotten nothing but constant attention since I brought him home from not only me but my hubby as well!  We just have to work on getting some food in him and I think he will be back to his old loving self in no time!  But for tonight he’s loving his doggie morphine:)!!!

I promise a Team Challenge update tomorrow!


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  1. I hope Scooby had a good night and hopefully u were able to get the meds in him…..see a “nest” always makes anybody or any animal feel so much better! Especially when it’s made with Love 🙂

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