Why I love Sundays…


Waking up at 7am on a Sunday might not sound fun to a lot of people but for me it really has been.  Since I was in Chicago last weekend and wasn’t able to run in the St. Malachi race with Team Challenge I was looking forward to our 55 min. run this morning.

We also had a guest speaker that I was anxious to meet, fellow blogger Katie over at Healthy Heddleston!  Katie is a registered dietician and gave our team a lot of great tips on proper nutrition and how to fuel before and after long runs.  We ended up chatting and running most of the 55 minutes this morning together which made the run fly by!  Katie just ran a 1/2 marathon a couple weeks ago and is running another one in two weeks so I bounced a lot of questions off of her this morning!  Pop over to her page to wish her luck in the Athens half marathon I have no doubt she is gonna rock it:)!

The rest of my day has been nothing but relaxing and spent how every Sunday should be!  Tune back tomorrow for an exciting Team Challenge update.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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  1. I loved meeting you and running with you!!! It was so so great to run with you and chat the time away!! Sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye, I was busy giving out handouts 😛 Good luck with the rest of training, you are going to be awesome!

    PS. Wish we would’ve snapped a picture; I’m lamesauce and wasn’t thinking!

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