Team Challenge Update…. and a GIVEAWAY!!!


I can hardly believe today is Wednesday and this week is almost over!  Having Monday off because of the Great Flood made yesterday seem like a SUPER busy Monday but nice because it was really Tuesday and today was the same way!  Anyways I know I promised Monday to share a Team Challenge update with you so here it is:

Last Sunday marked our third week of Team Challenge training.  We all gather at the Brecksville Reservation at 8:15am and train on the tow path there as a group at 8:30am.  We have a mix of walkers, walk/runners & runners.

This past week our goal was to complete 40 minutes.  So I ran 20 minutes out and turned around to run 20 minutes back in.  The weather this past Sunday was not freezing like the week before but the towpath was SNOWY!

As you can see from the picture we only had a small little flat path to run on so if someone was coming in your direction you had to do high knees in the snow to not fall.  I even took this unflattering picture of myself to prove to you guys that I was really there:)

Despite the snowy trail, I LOVED this run!  It was so beautiful and with my music playing in my ears on an early Sunday morning it really reconfirmed for me why I have set this giving and challenging goal for myself.  Despite losing my dad in a motorcycle accident 13 years ago I have never had to deal with losing anyone close to me or had to deal with a close family member or friend battle with a life threatening disease.  I think we all really take our health and the health of our loved ones for granted and running for a cause has really reconfirmed for me how blessed I am.

My fundraising is going pretty well, I am already up to $1025.00 but am still $2475.00 away.  I am staying very positive about reaching my goal and am praying every night that all I can do it fundraise my butt off and the rest is in God’s hands:)  I have attended a couple different fundraising meetings and they really pushed sending out actual letters to people letting them know what your doing and why your doing it!  I sent a letter out to everyone that attended our wedding this past September last Wednesday.  So far I have only gotten 2 donations back… I’m keeping my fingers crossed though that all the work I put into assembling the letters will pay off.  So if your reading this and you got a letter PLEASE donate, like I stated in my letter NO amount is to small (and c’mon return postage was even included :-p).

I spoke with a woman at work today who asked me if I had lost weight and I told her that I had been running a lot and all about Team Challenge and my fundraising.  Ten minutes later she popped back by my desk with a $5.00 bill and said, “I know its not much, but will this help.”  I was so touched, I see this lady maybe 3 times a month and we have only spoken a couple times and she went out of her way to support my cause.  Fundraising has a funny way of reconfirming your faith in mankind, the people that you least expect supporting you and the people that don’t have a real way of leaving an impact good or bad.

So if your reading and you have not done so already PLEASE help support this amazing cause and journey that I have embarked on!  You can read more here:

That is a secure website and donations can made be made directly via the website.  If you are more comfortable paying by check please email me directly at and I can give you directions for that process.  Again let me state NO donation is to small and all donations are %100 tax deductible!

Anyone who donates between now and Sunday March 6th, 2011 online and leaves me a comment letting me know they have done so will be entered into a drawing for a “Wellness Basket” filled with some of my favorite fitness goodies!  Please donate to a great cause and enter for a chance to win an awesome token of my appreciation:)!

I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy week!  All the snow has finally melted and I can see my grass…. does that mean spring is coming!?!?!?


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