The Great Flood of 2011 & Weekend Update


If I could rate today, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst, I would give it a…… -15!  I’m not sure if wonderful Mother Nature woke up anyone else a million times last night with the lightening… thundering and torrential downpours, but it did me.  At one point I even remember thinking, “Gosh, it’s really coming down out there, I’m glad we don’t have a leak in our roof!  Well sometimes life has a funny way of kicking you in the “nuts”!

Mike and I woke up this morning too about an inch of water on our finished basement floor.  I immediately freaked out and called my parents to come help, while Mike calmly assessed the situation and then quickly agreed it would be best if my parents came as well since we are first time home owners and don’t know sh#t!  After HOURS of mopping and cleaning we found the source of the problem (thanks to my step-dad), and this had to be done:(

Luckily since we have lived here for a year and a half and have NEVER had this happen we think it was just a one time thing however my step-dad is sealing everything back up from the outside in and we should be good to go!

Now I will move on to much better things!  This past Saturday Mike and I meant up with our good friends Jill & Lou and headed to an awesome restaurant in Battery Park that Jill had heard about called:


This place in two words was: AWESOME & DELICIOUS!!!  The dining room is fairly small but extremely quaint and intimate.  We chose a table near the back by the door and started off with some ice colds beers followed by two delicious appetizers.  Mike and I got the, pork belly corn dogs w/honey mustard dipping sauce, and Jill & Lou ordered hummus and grilled pita bread. I’m a bad blogger and didn’t manage to snap pics of our appetizers!  But for our main dishes the camera was out and rollin!

Mike & Lou both ordered the-


I took two bites out of Mike’s burger and I can honestly say it was the best burger I have ever tasted in my LIFE!  It tasted like a cheese burger and a McDonald’s egg McMuffin all rolled into one!

Jill ordered the-

BBQ’D ASIAN BURGER- DIAKON SLAW, SESAME BBQ, SOY BUTTER, PEPPER JACK- (she substituted the burger patty for chicken)

I didn’t manage to snag a bite of Jill’s sandwich but she said it was spicy and really good!  And last but not certainly least… since I had to wake up the next morning for my early Team Challenge run I decided a big greasy burger at 8:00pm probably wasn’t the smartest idea so I opted for:


This was SO good as well and a must have next time I go… along with a big juicy burger!  After dinner we enjoyed some more drinks and took some more photos:

All in all we had a great time, with great friends, at a great place… it was GREAT (ok I’ll stop now)!  Tune back in tomorrow for a Team Challenge update along with an awesome recipe I made for dinner Sunday night!


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  1. I’m so happy to see this blog and surprised as well! Getting ready for work and have no idea what I’m walking into today. Sandusky River suppose to crest by this evening in Tiffin….oh no!

  2. Oh crap. What a mess with the flooding. I hope things are OK now – but that had to of been stressful!
    And we love Reddstone. The hummus is great! It’s close to my house so anytime you’re around let me know!! 🙂

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