Snow blows…


Today was a scheduled rest day on my half marathon training schedule so I planned to do a 60 minute strength routine.  Instead mother nature took a dump on us so I did this…

My favorite part of shoveling was when someone showed up at my neighbors next door and snow blowed her entire drive way in about 15 minutes while I was breaking my back shoveling the heaviest wettest snow of my life.  Sure, I probably could of offered him $20 to do our driveway as well but my pride wouldn’t let me.  And our neighbor Mrs. Personality probably wouldn’t of let him.

Mom remember you promised me one of these for next winter…

I beg of you keep your word!  It took me almost two hours to shovel half of our driveway, clear a path in our backyard for Scooby to do his business and a path out front for our mailman.  All two hours of shoveling blew and the only cure to my aching back and arms now are to enjoy some ice cold beverages tonight!  TGIF!!!


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  1. My upper body hasn’t gotten that good of a workout in a while haha. Some guy in a plow truck came by and offered to finish my driveway for $15. I was almost done, kinda, so I said no, even though it was tempting.

  2. But just think about that good workout that you got 😉 , don’t worry I’m sure that somehow we can see about getting you hooked up!! (I would have offered the guy a $10!

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