Busy bee…


Since I have been MIA the last 4 days… I will show you what I have been up to through pictures:)

Last Thursday I went to my first Team Challenge meeting (I will share more deals ASAP on this).  The meeting was AWESOME and the best part was meeting my new running coach🙂

On Saturday we took off and headed west to stay with my parents and see my family.  I was extremely excited because I got to FINALLY meet this guy:

This is my new cousin Ryker:)

Saturday night we went out for our “Valentine’s Dinner” with my parents to an awesome Greek restaurant.

I got the gyro dinner and it was YUMO:

We got home after lunch time yesterday and chiseled ice off of our driveway for a good two hours so we wouldn’t have a giant mess on our hands when it all melted this week (YEA)! And then we straight up chilled the rest of the day!  Check back in later today for a clean eating and Valentine day update!


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  1. I was very afraid to skim up the page to look at the pic’s of the restaurant ~ thanks for being so kind!! Yea for Team Challenge… Donate Today, Even if it’s $5 or $10 very bit HELPS!!!

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