I’m only human…


So things took a turn for the worst yesterday!  At 4:30p yesterday I left to go get my hair trimmed in a GREAT mood.  After my haircut I came straight home to meet Mike so we could head to our friends house.  We both pulled in our driveway at the exact same time and walked into the house together and it was noticeably colder than when I left…  I even said to Mike “brr it’s cold in here”.  I immediately went to the thermostat to see what the temperature in the house was and it said 65.  We always keep our heat on 72 so I knew something was not right…. (kinda like this picture)

Mike and I immediately started troubleshooting aka freaking out and googling “why doesn’t my furnace turn on”?  We then decided it would be best to call the experts to come fix “it”… whatever “it” was!  This was at 5:30pm…  They said their “on call” guy would give us a call when he was 20 minutes away but they could give us NO IDEA how long it would be….

So at 8:15pm (almost 3 hrs. later) someone finally showed up.  Turns out our ignitor in our furnace took a shit:(  He fixed the problem but also gave us the bad news that our filters broke… our motor is almost shot sooooo basically we need to start thinking about replacing the entire furnace!  Oh the joys of being a homeowner!

So what was a girl to do to help deal with her disillusioned state but…. have a DRINK (or three)!  What can I say sometimes blueberry stolis vodka and diet 7up make things SO MUCH better!  So I fell off my no alcohol wagon for the month:(!  We eventually made it over to our friends house and had a lot of good laughs and danced our butts off all night so I’m not going to beat myself up over it too much!

The older I get though the more I realize I really can’t even drink a beer without getting a hangover, so this morning I was feeling a little rough.  I woke up long before my hubby and made myself a green monster smoothie hoping the fruits and veggies would help get me back on my feet!  By the time Mike was up, we discussed what we should have for lunch and all I could think about was a GIANT burger and fries (hangover food)!  The verdict…

My HUSBAND got Arby’s….

And I got a 6 inch turkey breast sub on wheat bread from Subway:)!  I did have one of my hubby’s mozzarella sticks though… hey I needed at least one piece of cheese this week!

This evening Mike and I are meeting his entire family at a Japanese and sushi restaurant for dinner.  His aunt and uncle are treating the whole family so I am VERY excited to get my sushi on!

Hope every is having a great Saturday!

I am going to do a recap of Clean eating day 6 & day 7 tmr.!!!


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  1. Our ignitor went out last winter, it was so cold in here!!! Good luck with the furnace, hopefully you don’t have to replace it anytime soon.

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