Snow Days…


So my wish came true today and not only did I have a snow day but my hubby took a snow day/mental health day off:)!  My husband NEVER misses work and this morning when he woke up at 6:30am and looked outside to see nothing but an ice rink road he said, “no thanks” and came back to bed!

We lounged around until lunchtime and then decided to drive around town to see how bad the roads actually were.  The first main road we got on was completely clear, so we decided to venture into town and get some lunch.  Since today was first time eating out while “eating clean” I requested that we go to Mustard Seed for lunch since all the food on there menu for the most part is organic and nothing is processed.

Mike ordered:

All Natural Beef Burger … 5 oz. of naturally-raised beef, grilled and served on bakery fresh whole grain bakery bun, with cheese & kettle chips

And I ordered:

Mid East Feast … Bulgar parsley tabouli and hummus served with sliced whole wheat pita, vegetarian stuffed grape leaves & marinated olives.

Up until today I had never tried stuffed grape leaves… let’s just say I wasn’t missing out on much because I am NOT a fan… yucko.  Everything else was delicious and filling, I only ending up eating half of the plate!

After lunch we ran a few errands and then ended up heading back home.  We lounged around again some more because hey…. what’s a snow day with no lounging!  Once we peeled ourselves off the couch there was only one thing to do….


Mike and I danced for an hour between playing both games.  I think I burnt just as many calories laughing as I did dancing… I love my Wii!

Some exciting news that I forgot to mention last night is now “ConstantlyUnwinding” is on Twitter!  Follow me at me constantlyunwind for updates and random thoughts throughout my day!

The rest of the night will be spent:

Giving stinky Scooby a bath…

And watching “Teen Mom 2” dvr’d from last night.  Hope everyone had a great day:)!

Clean Eating Day #3

Breakfast: 1 whole wheat bagel thin, 1 banana, 1 Tsp. of natural peanut butter, black coffee, 2 8oz. of water

Snack: 3 hardboiled egg whites, handful of grapes.

Lunch: Bulgar parsley tabouli and hummus served with sliced whole wheat pita & marinated olives. 2 8oz. glasses of H20, a small pots of organic hot green tea.

Snack: 1 banana, handful of raw natural almonds

Dinner: 3 scrambled egg whites, cooked spinach, tomatoes, red & green peppers, mushrooms, onions.  ¼ cup of oatmeal. 2 8oz. glasses of H20

Snack: 3 small clementines, 10 raw natural almonds

Challenges: Today was the hardest day so far, not only because my hubby was home all day but also because we ate out, but I DID it!  And… I still miss CHEESE!   Again, last night I got an amazing night of sleep!


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