Weekend Recap Part 2…


Let me first start this post by saying… I have muscles sore in body today that I didn’t  even know existed!!!  I know I gave you guys a sneak peak of yesterdays festivities by posting this picture:

Well as you guessed it by my snow pants and the multiply ski lifts in the background we went SKIING:)!!!  Mike and I had been wanting to hit up Brandywine and go skiing since its so close to our house, but here’s the kicker… the last time I went skiing was in 7th grade so yea 14 years ago!

Another couple Mike and Shelly came with us and we hit the slopes around 12pm!

Since I remembered doing pretty well back in 7th grade (haha) I thought I would pick skiing right back up.  Well let’s just say my first couple attempts down the bunny hill were NOT pretty and I even considered going here…

Finally after some laughs… cries and blood (I’ll let you be the judge of which of the two are true) I got the hang of it from my two ski guides:

After conquering these hills…

We decided to take a breather and hit up the lodge for a afternoon refreshment…

After a little bit of liquid courage we hit the slopes back up for a couple more hours before calling it day!  We had a GREAT day and I can NOT wait to go back!

Yesterday was just the pick me up I needed to start this wonderful busy week!  Hope everyone is having a great Monday and check back tonight for a delicious new recipe I am preparing for the hubby and I tonight!


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  1. tell Michael to quit making “monkey faces” in all his pic’s!!! Looks like fun, u would have to b in good shape!!! Do they have tubing??

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