Weekend Recap Part 1…


Since my entire week was a bust from being under the weather, I more than made up for it this weekend!

Friday night Mike and I joined some friends and headed to a local “watering hole” near our house to grab some dinner and a couple drinks.

Mike and his twin brother:)….


After dinner everyone entertained themselves by playing pool and darts…

However I hit up the jukebox and played some music by the good ole’ Dolly Parton to honor her 65th birthday this past Wednesday!

On Saturday Mike and I slept in…. drank coffee….  and laid on the couch:)!  Once I decided to be productive, I took about an hour and planned out a grocery list and dinners for Mike and I for the week.  It seems like here lately every night we are asking each other, “what do you want for dinner?”…. “I dunno, what do you want for dinner?”… I decided to take this frustrating problem off of both of our hands and plan meals out!  Keep your eyes peeled this week for some great recipes I found to try:)!

Mike and I then decided to spend the rest of our Saturday running some errands and using some of our Christmas gift-cards for lunch.

The decision…. Olive Garden!  I love Olive Garden for a number of obvious reasons but my favorite…. endless amounts of this

And Mike even got his favorite appetizer…  Smoked Mozzarella Fonduta (I despise this so Mike gladly got his fair share)

Saturday night Mike was asked to play at the Mustard Seed restaurant with his dad’s bluegrass band because there guitar player backed out.  Mike was happy to step in and really seemed to enjoy himself!

I was equally as happy because I got to enjoy a delicious California sushi roll while I watched the show:)!  Saturday night was an early night in for us because we had a big day planned for Sunday (today).

I’ve decided to save today’s adventure for a “Weekend Recap Part 2” which I will feature tomorrow!  Let’s just say it involved me rocking this outfit…


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  1. Def gotta to start meal planning, especially with my hectic work schedule~would make life so much easier!! Can’t wait for part duo… 🙂

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