You are just one workout away from a good mood…


Is there seriously a Justin Beiber movie coming out called, “Never Say Never”…. WTF???Sorry mid distraction on the TV as I lay in bed recapping my oh so exciting life:-)!

I woke up bright and early today back in holy Toledo ramped and ready to attend the Wellness Conference:)!

So I said ciao to my home away from home…

The conference had a great turnout even though Toledo got pelted with freezing rain.  We set up our booth and began doing our thang!  Well some of our thang… we took a million blood pressure checks which was fun after people just drove through an ice storm!

In between sitting in here…

And walking through here…

We managed to squeeze in a photo session:-)

I love my nurses and I love what I do:)  The conference ended at two and we packed up and headed back to C-town.  Since shit always hits the fan when I am out of the office more than 10 minutes.  I spent most of the drive home on my blackberry putting out fires…

By the time I finally got home I was tired and grumpy so I told myself, “You are just one workout away from a good mood.”  SO I quickly changed into my sweat gear and hit the treadmill.  I knew after being sick the last two days and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… this run was going to rough!  But what I wasn’t prepared for was this run to literally suck the life out of me… give me side cramps and make me ask myself 100 times, “what the hell am I doing?”…

However I managed to suck it up and pushed out 3 miles on the treadmill and start the one hundred pushup challenge:-)!  Soon after my workout Mike got home from work and prepared us a delicious dinner of spaghetti and marinara sauce:)

(Mikeeeeee WHATS BURNING!!!!)

All kidding aside dinner was delicious and Mike even told me to take a shower and relax while he prepared everything (seriously where did I find this guy???)!!!

So now I lay here in bed scratchy throat and all (if I’m getting sick again SHOOT me) ready to O.D. on NyQuil and go to bed!

Night ya’ll happy hump day!!!


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  1. Justin Bieber seriously annoys me. And right now I have to teach an abs class to one of his songs!! But my son loves his music, and it’s kid-friendly, so I can’t hate him too much…. 🙂

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