Weekend recap…


I can’t believe its already Sunday <—-insert frown!  In Friday’s post I mentioned that I was accompanying my bff to a wedding this weekend!  One of our classmates from high school, who my bff Jill has remained in contact with, got married yesterday and Jill was invited so who better to take as her date than moi!

Since the wedding and reception was a two hour drive for us we only went to the reception.  However the reception was at a resort so we had to get a hotel room:)!

We got a lake view…


After hanging out in our room for awhile and snacking on delicious chips and salsa we began our beauty transformation.  I think we both succeeded…









The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Jill and I saw alot of people that we hadn’t seen since high school!

Lets just say we had one to many “spirits” last night because Jill and I both were feeling a little rough this morning!  Our first priority this morning was FOOD, so we hit up Big Boy before making the long haul home.  The rest of my day has been dedicated to napping and relaxing:)!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!



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