It’s a BLIZZARD!!!


Ok not really butttttt I hope everyone in the midwest had a safe drive home!  As I type this we are getting tons of SNOW!  Normally I wouldn’t care much but considering I have to make sure my nurses get to events by 5am tomorrow morning…. lets just say I’m sweating alittle!  I keep watching the weather map but all it says is MORE SNOW!

Today was busy like I like it and after work I did a great hour workout consisting of:

Biggest Loser on my wii

This is a great game as well!  You can completely customize your fitness program, so today I chose a 30 minute fat burning strength routine.  The workout wasn’t overly intense. It was basically a lot of plyometrics, however it got me working a lot of muscles that I have been avoiding such as…. my arms & abs.

After Biggest Loser ya know I had to DANCE!

I am trying to memorize this dance so I can blow my husband out of the water the next time we have a DANCE OFF (yah Mike I’m talking to you fool)!  I danced to “Beat It” freaking 3 times and then a couple other songs which took me about a half hour.  Again I can’t tell you how much fun this game is and how nice it is to break a good sweat and not even feel like your exercising!

After my great workout I headed my friend and kickass hair stylist Jen to get my hair did!  Within the last month my hair went from this Jersey Shore wanna be:

To this:

I love my hair short and only grew it out for the wedding so its nice to have a rockin’ style again:)!  Once I got home Mike and I decided it was a good night to eat fresh and we grabbed some Subway for dinner!

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday only three more days until TGIF!!!!


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  1. You and Mike sound like you have a lot of fun! A few months ago Ryan & I went out on a date night and somehow ended up at an arcade and played DDR forever. We were the only adults playing games. Hah! And…he beats me everytime! 🙂

  2. My husband and I play DDR together, too. It’s such the competition all the time – I love smokin him! 🙂
    I love the short hair, too. You rock it! I used to have short short hair but my husband keeps telling me not to do it again. I keep thinking about it……

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