Just another manic Monday…


 So we didn’t end up going rock climbing yesterday:(!  Our lesson got bumped back to 6:00pm-7:00pm and I had to be up at 3:30am today to be in Cleveland by 5am this morning so needless to say I was showered and in bed by 7pm last!  But my hubby is calling to reschedule today and I am keeping my fingers crossed we can get in this Thursday since its our only free night open this week!  But we WILL go and I will give full details! 

Since my work day started at 4:45am this morning and is going to end when god only knows!  I decided to do a fun post that I saw on Kathy’s page over at Healthy Heddleston:

Four Things

Four TV Shows I Watch

1. Biggest Loser
2. Grey’s Anatomy
3. Jersey Shore (don’t judge me its a guilty pleasure)
4. Intervention


Four Words/Phrases I Use Too Much

  1. Come on!
  2. Are you kidding me?
  3. Well whatever…
  4. Trust

Four Things I’ve Learned From the Past

1. My mom is the strongest person I know.
2. Yelling and screaming gets you no where.
3.  First impressions can be wrong.
4. You are your own worst enemy.


Four Things I’m Looking Forward To

1. Signing up and running a half marathon.
2.  Having my girls weekend at the end of January.
3. Work SLOWING down…. this may never happen but a girl can dream, right?
4. Going skiing sometime!


Four Things I Love Hate About Winter

1. Shoveling
2. Scraping ice off my car
3.  Wearing 20 layers
4. Turning my furnace up to 71 degrees…
Four Newest Blogs Added to my Reader
I hope everyone has a GREAT Monday! 

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