Saturday = Date Night


Yesterday was a busy day and Mike and I took advantage of the weekend by first and foremost SLEEPING IN:)  After we finally got out of bed I made some delicious omelettes for Mike and myself.

In my omelette I added:

And in Mike’s omelette I added:

Yes not the healthiest but the man loves them and the trick is on him because I used 1 egg and two egg whites and low fat cheese for the rest of his omelette;)!

The finished products:



After breakfast we decided to conquer some household chores we had been putting off! Mike took care of the outside…

And I took care of the inside… gotta love a house with all wood floors!

So I know I said back on Friday to tune back into my blog because Saturday was date night for Mike and myself so let me explain… Mike and I decided just before the new year that in 2011 we were going to designate one night a month for a special date night.  Each month we would switch off who would be in charge of planning the date and we would keep the date night plans a secret from one another until it was date night time!

Well yesterday was our first planned date night and Mike was in charge of planning however what he planned for us to do was “booked” on our actual date night so he told me earlier this week that our date would be a two parter… dinner Saturday night and then Sunday we would be taking a one hour indoor rock climbing lesson at Kendall Cliff’s:)!!!  I was SO excited because I have been wanting to do indoor rock climbing for awhile now and said something to Mike about it months ago so I was happy he remembered!

So last night was part one…. dinner!  They kept calling for us to get pounded by a huge snow storm last night so we decided to make a delicious romantic dinner at home.  We prepared filet mignon and crab legs:)

And for dessert I prepared some chocolate-peanut butter covered strawberries:)

Dinner was SO good and we both agreed we doubted we could of ate so well in some noisy crowded restaurant!  I’m excited for part two today so tune back in tomorrow to make sure I survived:)!  Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend as much as I am!


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