10 hours of sleep = HAPPINESS


After a much needed night of sleep last night I feel back to my good old self:)  I don’t know what happened Tuesday night, usually I sleep like a champ in Hampton Inn’s cloud nine beds…

I’ve been asked by several people what I do for a living!  I work for a wellness company in Michigan and my client is a large Cleveland based company, my company performs health and wellness screenings for my clients… clients.  Hopefully that makes sense:)  We check a companies employees total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides & glucose.  We also check there blood pressure, BMI, and weight.  I have been with my current company for just over a year but used to do the same thing with a previous company for 4 years.  I LOVE my job and have seen so many people really change there lives and lifestyles as a result of a simple onsite health screening.  A lot of why I started my blog and my career, was and still is because you never know when your advice or actions could impact someone to chose to live a healthier lifestyle!

So yesterday we had an important event in Toledo that I chose to go to (usually I trust my nurses to take care of business)!  And then I shot up to Michigan for a little while to my corporate office.

Here is a picture of my nurses doing there thing:)

Here is where I sat for 6.5 hours drinking copious amounts of coffee and water to stay awake!

After our event was over and before I headed up to Michigan I stopped at Panera Bread for a quick delicious lunch.  I ordered the pick-two a cup of there low-fat chicken noodle soup and a half of there turkey artichoke panini, and…. a whole grain baguette.  This meal cost me 20 weight watcher points (way to much bread) but was TOTALLY worth it!

For the remainder of the day I plan to work… clean and do another KILLER workout.  Today will be a two post kinda day so tune back in to see what torturous workout I put myself through later!  Have a great day everyone!


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