Holy Toledo…


I woke up today knowing it was going to be a LONG day and boy oh boy have I been right! Right away I got in a killer workout.  I did Jillian Michael’s 30 minute kettlebell workout:

This workout out is a killer and I was dripping with sweat!  To keep the burn going I then decided to try a workout I found on Peanut Butter Fingers blog:

30 minute intense treadmill workout;)
Minutes                  Speed                    Incline
0-5                           6.0                          0
5-6                            3.5                          5
6-7                            6.5                          5
7-8                            3.5                          6
8-9                            6.3                          6
9-10                         3.5                          7
10-11                       6.1                          7
11-12                       3.0                          8
12-13                       5.9                          8
13-14                       3.0                          9
14-15                       5.7                          9
15-16                       3.0                          10
16-17                       5.5                          10
17-18                       3.0                          11
18-19                       5.3                           11
19-20                      3.0                           12
20-21                      5.1                            12
21-22                      3.0                            13
22-23                      4.9                            13
23-24                      3.0                            14
24-25                      4.7                            14
25-26                      3.0                            15
26-27                      4.5                            15
27-30                      3.5                            0

This treadmill run KICKED my ASS!!!  There were parts when I was laughing because it was so incredibly hard and other times I was practically crying because I was huffing and puffing so hard OMG!

When I was done I looked like a HOT MESS:

After taking a LONG shower and drinking a ton of H2O…..

(yes mom I drink 2 of these jugs a day;)

I quickly got ready and drove to Cleveland to pick up my assistant to head to Toledo.  The drive went very quickly as we were catching up about our holidays and life in general.  Once we got into Toledo we decided to get a bite at one of my favorite restaurants

J Alexanders was delicious as usual!  I ordered a grilled chicken salad and Robin ordered a cajun shrimp and rice plate.  After dinner we headed to our hotel.  We have a long day tomorrow lets just say we have to be up a 4am to be onsite with our client from 5am-11am and then head to Michigan for a couple hours to then drive all the way back to C-town so I am off to BED!  Hope everyone had a great day!

Anyone have anymore KILLER treadmill workouts for me?


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  1. lol, yes, u do look like a hot mess! Great pic! But well worth it I’m sure. Guess you know how much water you need, especially with that workout! Hope you got some sleep last night!!

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