Weighing in on Wednesday… and yes the madness continued


Today was again my weigh in day for Weight Watchers and again my weight remained the exact amount…. so yes thats 2 weeks of no change but also no gain over the holidays so I will take it!  Next week is a new goal though!

Today the cleaning madness did indeed continue!  I woke up and had a giant mug of coffee and made myself a energy pack green smoothie:

Green Smoothie:

1 Banana

5 chunks of fresh pineapple

1/8 cup of light vanilla soy milk

1 peach cup of Fiber One yogurt

Handful of fresh Spinach



Place all ingredients into a magic bullet blend and enjoy!

After enjoying my delicious green smoothie I then made a quick trip to Walmart in search of bins to create a new makeshift under garment dresser in our master bedroom.  I chose these:

I purchased 4 large ones and four small ones.  I spent hours and hours sorting though clothes. I made a summer pile, a winter pile, a work pile, a play pile, a work out pile, a trash pile and a donate pile.  Can I just say I loathe doing anything with clothes expect buying them!!!  The finished product was…

While sorting and organizing today I made plans with a couple of my girlfriends to meet up tonight for a glass of wine while our hubby’s had band practice.  Speaking of my hubby’s band I don’t think I’ve plugged them on my blog yet!  There called, “If These Trees Could Talk”.  There an instrumental band and have been featured on playstation games, Levi’s commercials and mostly recently numerous episode of 16 and Pregnant on MTV.

I headed over to my friends house to catch up about the holidays and have a glass or two of wine:)

Myles didn’t enjoy any wine with us:)  Amanda and I had his share…

Hope everyone had a happy hump day!!!


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