Home for the holidays…


All good things must come to an end so now its back home… back to work… and back to reality!  Christmas was GREAT this year:)

My TWO favorite gifts I got were:

My momma got me this beauty:)  I have been wanting a new camera for awhile now and my hubby dropped the hint to my parents and viola!  I love it and can’t wait for my blogs picture quality to improve!

My other fav gift:

My hubby got me a beautiful necklace:)!

Here is a recap of the holiday in photos:

Mike and I at his family’s on Christmas Eve

Me, my step-dad, my momma and Mike and our son Scoobs (like we could leave him alone on c-mas!)

Every year my cousin Katie and I take funny pictures with our 82 year-old grand mother.  I shout out the pose and they adhere…

1 million dollars…

Shooting ya the guns…

After leaving my grandma’s we headed back to my parents to open more gifts:

We started with our Christmas stockings…

The next morning I played with my new camera and took a great pic of the hubby…

While my parents cooked us up a yummy breakfast…

So folks that was my Christmas in a nut shell!  Mike and I still don’t have any definite plans for New Years Eve yet we are just keeping our fingers crossed the snow and cold keep up so we can go skiing on New Years day!

As for today… since I work from home it was an EXTREMELY slow day, seriously I only got one email!  Due to the slowness I cleaned the whole house (spring cleaning style), I put away ALL of our cmas gifts, and rearranged the basement we are slowly beginning to finish.  So I am BEAT!

Mike and I our waiting to watch Intervention… then its off to bed!


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