Elf me!


This past weekend Mike and went to C-town to our dear friends holiday get together:)!  When we walked in the door we were greeted by cute party favors that Jill made for all of her guests:

Elf Me

And Elf Hubby:

Jill made them all by hand and on the back included a magnet so we can hang them on our fridge!  We got there just in time to test all the goodies Jill prepared before her other guests arrived…

Can I please point out her amazing lamp:

Once everyone got to the party and ate it was time for the white elephant gift exchange.  Mike and I disguised our gifts by placing them in a Jared and Banana Republic bag :-)!

My white elephant gift was foot detox pads:

Don’t judge me they were $1.00 at the Dollar General and I thought they were gross/funny!  Mike’s white elephant gift was a Ram porcelain plate (again Dollar General).  Our friend Eric was lucky enough to pick the foot pads:)

Before we knew it the night had come to an end, so we said our goodbyes to our beautiful hostess…

Did I mention how cute my hubby is:)


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