The last 3 days have been fun but have completely thrown me off my schedule of:


Working out

Eating healthy

But life happens so here I am today back on track:)!  Here’s a quick recap of the last couple days!

Thursday was my hubby 28th birthday:)  He is a twin so I baked a little cake for him and brother on there special day!

My parents came into town on Thursday as well, so they took Mike and I out to dinner for his birthday at his favorite restaurant TGI Friday’s!

And my parents:

They came out and gave Mike a pair of sunglasses and took our picture for his birthday:)

Yesterday my mom and I took off and went Christmas shopping for the day.  We got a lot of great gifts (mostly for me:)!  Including a pair of Gap workout pants I have REALLY been wanting:

gBalance pants

I’m sad that I have to wait until Christmas to wear these but they are definitely worth wait.

Once we got back from shopping I decided that we needed to then do something fun so I suggested bowling.  Mike’s brother and a couple of our friends came so we had a great time!  I didn’t manage to snap any pictures but it kinda looked like this:)!

I many “to-do” items on my list today before we head to our Christmas party tonight! Have a great Saturday everyone!!!


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  1. I will have to send you the couple of pictures I took of our bowling extravaganza!!! Back home safe and sound, got the jeep unpacked and now off to get our tree! Be Safe Tonight!

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