22 degrees


It is FREEZING here….  It started snowing Saturday and basically hasn’t stopped.  We got 2-4 inches yesterday and another 3-6 are expected tonight.  So today I did a lot of work and a lot of….

We have a snow blower but I haven’t been shown how to use it yet by the hubby so tonight when he gets home its snow-blow-training 101 for me:)!

I have a feeling this week is going to fly by, we have something going everyday except for tomorrow so it should make for a good week of blogging….


Work and probably shoveling a ton of more snow…


I am doing a site visit to see some of my awesome nurses. And making 2 dozen cupcakes for my hubby to take to work on Thursday for his birthday.


Is my beloved hubby’s 28th bday:)

My parents are also going to be in town so we are all going out to dinner to celebrate:)



I am taking the day off Friday so my mom and I will more than likely do some Christmas shopping.


My bff Jill is having a holiday party.

I’m excited because she is having a white elephant gift exchange and Mike and I got some AMAZING gifts to take:)


My annual Christmas meeting/party in at my corporate office on Monday so I have to drive to Michigan Sunday night:(!  I hate not sleeping in my own bed but I don’t have to do it very often so I just got to suck it up!

Like I said this week and going to be fun filled and quick!  Hope everyone has had a great Monday:)


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  1. OMGosh! I can’t believe that you guys have gotten that much snow already!! Winter welcome!! Your pics and comments make your blog so cute!! 🙂

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