Winter has arrived!


I watched the weather forecast yesterday so I knew snow was on the way, but I just wasn’t ready to believe it!  So to my surprise I woke up to this the morning:

Just kidding that’s a picture Mike took last winter in our back yard! This morning there was only a light dusting but I know what’s above is on its way!

Don’t get me wrong I live in Ohio so I know snow is inevitable but every year I’m happy to have snow at Christmas but after that I’m over it!  Since we’re on the topic of Christmas can I please plug my Christmas tree again this year:

Since the weather was so “blah” out today it affected my motivation to workout BIG TIME!  This morning was my weigh in for Weight Watchers and I lost a big fat 0 pounds:(!  I was bummed at first but considering last week was Thanksgiving and I ate alot of treats I usually don’t- I’ve decided I’m just happy I didn’t gain!

My original plan was to run 4 miles of the treadmill today and then do my arms/legs/abs strength routine.  However once I started running I just couldn’t get into it!  SO instead I ran a little over 2.5 miles in 30 minutes and finished with my strength routine.  It wasn’t a bad workout it just wasn’t what I planned!

I found a really good post about keeping up your motivation when exercising at Ode Magazine.  They have alot of good tips and things to keep in mind especially with the holidays coming up.

What do you guys do when you have an “off day” when working out?  How do you keep your motivation up?


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