I’m going to try to make this post as positive as possible because no one wants to hear a negative nelly!   So to sum up how my work day has been going… please see below —–>

My day started bright and early!  I woke up at 5:30a to get in an early morning workout.  Usually I am not a fan of working out in the morning but as I sit here now knowing that its already done… it feels GREAT!   Since my workout Saturday left me so sore I decided to do another round of it except increase my mileage.

Angela’s at home cardio + strength routine


Run 1.5 miles

Upper Body Routine

    Chest Press 2×20

    Lying forward punches with weights 2×20

    Tree Huggers 2×20 (the video explains it all)

    Run 1.5 miles

Lower Body Routine

    Squats with feet on weights 2×20

    Walking Lunges 2×20

    Squat with a kettle bell throw 2×20

Run 1/2 mile

Abs Routine

This whole routine took me about an hour but your constantly moving and getting in 4 miles of running so the time flies by!  After my workout I quickly signed on to Weight Watchers because today was the day they announced there new plan! 

Weight Watchers New Plan

I really REALLY like the new plan!  My daily points went from being 24 to now 33.  With that being said a lot of the common foods I have been eating also increased in points.  But alot also lowered…. now almost all fruits are 0 points:)!  The old program focused on calories/fat/fiber and the new program focuses on fat/fiber/carbs/protein.  This program works!  It promotes wholesome natural foods and exercise, and I like both!  I’m already down 15 pounds and they say the new program if done correctly can produce a 8-10 pound weight loss within the first month!  My focus is not to lose as much weight as I possibly can but to feel good about myself and be in the best shape of my life and 2011 is my year!

I have a busy week ahead of me so its time to dive back into work and think about what’s on the menu for dinner today!  Hope you all are having a fabulous day:)!


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