Pre & Post Turkey Update


Well Thanksgiving is officially over and I am back home and back to blogging!  This post will be a quick recap of the past couple days!

On Wednesday Mike and I arrived at my parents around 8pm and I made my Splenda’s Cranberry Apple Relish.  It turned out REALLY good.  I did make a few changes on the recipe but it was tasty.

I turned in early Wednesday night because I needed enough sleep to run my Turkey Trot Thursday morning:)  I woke up at 5:30am on Thanksgiving and took Scooby out and it was POURING rain!  By the time I got to the race at 7:30am to register, the rain had turned to a drizzle and my step-dad came with me for support so I was ready to roll!

I was the first one there so I was really worried that the rain may of scared everyone off!  However the closer it got to 8am (race start time) more people arrived

There were between 30-40 people total and the rain had stopped!  The race started at around 8:15am and I ran the 5k in 31.00 minutes!  It was nice to be back in my cozy car by 8:45am heading back to my parents with the feeling of accomplishment!

After showering and getting all of our goodies together we headed to my grandma’s for Turkey day!  I didn’t happen to snap any photos because I was busy visiting family but everything was delicious.

We headed back home yesterday morning and relaxed ALL day.  Since I ran on turkey day yesterday was a exercise rest day as well:)  We made the plan to order chinese food takeout last night and put up our Christmas tree, so the rest of our day looked alittle like this:

So now its Saturday and back to reality:)  I have a fun filled day of grocery shopping and getting a workout in ahead of me! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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