I can almost see the finish line…


After tomorrow and Mike and I officially start our 4-day weekend:)  We are spending Thanksgiving with my family so I am very excited to head back home and eat… drink… and be merry!

Today was an extremely productive day!  I got a ton of work done this morning and planned to take a run on my lunch break.  It has been a really long time since I’ve listened to music while running outside, but after being introduced to Girl Talk (by my wonderful Hubby), I knew today music was a must!  Even though it was WINDY as hell out today I managed to get a pretty good run in:

The picture quality could of been better but it was taken from my I-Phone so it is, what it is:)!  With much help from GirlTalk I got a 4 mile windy run in just over 45:00 minutes.

After a great lunch I got back to work and made a do list to try to knock out all of my household duties before tomorrow came. Since I knew I would be tying up loose ends at work and packing for Turkey Day I had a lot set out to accomplish.  My to do list started at 4:30pm and consisted of the following:

  • Clean the entire house (sweep, dust, scrub bathrooms, start laundry)
  • Pay a couple pending bills
  • Cut the grass in the front yard (LONG story)
  • Decorate outside of our house for Christmas
  • Clean out my car
  • Take a hot bath
  • Blog

And as I sit here grateful that I am now crossing the last want-to-do (blog) off my checklist at 10:15pm, I can rest easy that tomorrow all I have to do is work, workout and pack:)  I love being productive!  Tommorow is also my weigh in day for Weight Watchers so I much need of a good nights sleep, wish me luck!

Do any of you make daily “to do” lists?  If so how have they helped you?




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