Thank you baby Jesus…


I woke up this morning thinking… “thank you baby Jesus this is a 3-day work week”!  I am very excited for Thanksgiving and to see my family!  This year I am making and bringing a recipe I saw on Splenda’s website:

Cranberry Apple Relish

I’m really excited to make it and I hope it turns out good!  Today was like any other Monday, work was busy so I split my workout up.  On my lunch break I did a DVD I purchased over the weekend it is- Jillian michaels kettlebell workout dvd.  OMG this kicked my butt!  I was dripping sweat and am very confident I got an awesome full-body workout.  Lunch was a simple grilled chicken, feta, and crasin salad.

Around 4pm I decided to jump on the “dreadmill” and get a HITT run in while watching Oprah’s 2nd favorite things show.  She gave everyone on the show a plethora of AMAZING things and then ended the show by giving everyone a 2011 Volkswagon Bug. Yea Oprah pretty much ROCKS:)!

After my run/Oprah I started to prepare dinner, I had a pasta bowl inspired from PB Fingers blog and I made Mike (my hubby) a pizza on whole-wheat crust, he was less than pleased:( Will I ever get this man of mine eating well?

After we ate dinner I begged Mike to get me out of the house:) We took a trip to Barnes and Noble and I got two things that brought a smile to my face:

A hot cup of green tea &:

I read a LOT of great reviews on What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, and I am SO glad I got to pick it up.  I will keep ya’ll posted on what I think!  For now its time to read a chapter and then hit the hay!


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  1. I love this, so nice to come home to! BTW, Oprah gave everyone a 2012 VW Beetle….they are not even coming out until May 2011…..Only Oprah..and God….Go Figure!!! PS: I watched it at the hospital. 🙂

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