Don’t worry… I’ll be back!


And I am after a LONG hiatus!  Many many things have happened over the past couple months one being I am now Mrs. Socrates!

Our wedding was beautiful and everything I could possibly ask for!  Since I work in the health field and we administer flu shots… and its flu season my schedule has been CRAZY!  However things have finally began to slow down so I am all about making time to do more things I enjoy like BLOG!

Another thing that has changed since I last blogged is that I joined Weight Watchers back on October 3rd, 2010.  I have been really successful and am down 13 pds. :)!!!  I am doing the program online (because its ALOT cheaper) but I am really happy with it.  WW is not a diet, I still get to eat pretty much everything I did before but in much smaller portion sizes.  I have also been working out like a mad-women and FEEL great!  Wednesday’s are my weigh in days so I will now report my weight loss & my daily workouts on here to hold myself more accountable:)

So thats all for now folks!  Its been a great weekend and I am off to bed!

Have you ever fallen the “blog” wagon?  What made you pick it back up?


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