I’m back…


I feel like such a blogging failure, but I guess a blog is like a journal, you can always pick back up right where you left off.  This past month has flown by!  So here is a short recap.

July 3rd-10th

Mike and I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach with his whole family for a week.  It was very nice and relaxing!

Once we got back it was back to a week full of WORK (boo) and wedding planning!  Good news is we got ALL of our wedding invitations mailed out:)!

July 17th- My first wedding shower

My shower was awesome I got so many wonderful gifts and it was so nice of everyone to come.  Thanks to my momma and my three bridesmaids pictured above.  Jill my maid of honor (left), Jessi (right of me) and Erin (far right).  My other shower is Aug. 22nd planned by my other two bridesmaids.

Today was back to work.  Mike had practice tonight so I did get a chance to unpack all of our gifts and make two loaves of zucchini bread.  I have so many zucchinis growing in my garden that I can’t keep up!  I will show a picture of my creation in the morning but I will sign off tonight with the yummy recipe I used.

Healthy Zucchini Bread:

I made some healthier substitutions I used whole wheat flour instead of regular and applesauce instead of oil.  I also didn’t add nuts or raisins and I used 4 full cups of zucchini.

Did I mention that Mike (who doesn’t eat ANY veggies) loved this bread:)  The cinnamon really takes over so much that you can’t even tell there is zucchini in the bread!

Well more to come tomorrow!  I am gonna get up bright and early and get a walk/run in before the rain comes!


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