Thousand of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods.


Cats have never forgotten this. -Anonymous

For lunch today I had a delicious concoction of Carba Nada pasta, cauliflower, and some marina sauce.

This finished product:

This was a VERY filling due to the pound of cauliflower!  For dessert I was craving more berries so I had a

Gingersnap Greek Yogurt Bowl:

1/4 cup of vanilla greek yogurt

5 gingersnaps

1 cup of mixed berries

I wrapped up work around 4:30pm.  Did 20 minutes of pilates and headed outdoors to conquer my 4 mile run.  My run today went OK I ran 3 miles no problem but as I was heading into my 4th mile my ankle was throbbing… the verdict- I need to break down and get a new pair of running shoes.  My are beat!

Now I’m off to figure out what I should eat for dinner… for some reason oatmeal sounds really good!


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