All Fired Up!


Last night was a late night so I didn’t get a chance to post pics from my painting/wine adventure last night!

My beautiful friend Sondra:

And the woman with this wonderful idea, my great friend Amanda!

It was so relaxing, we chatted drank some tasty white wine and listened to music.  The piece I chose was only $25.00 dollars and that included everything… paint, stamps, designs and firing it.  I painted a plate that I am giving to my niece for her first birthday, I thought it would be something neat she could keep 4-ever:)

Kinda Finished Product:

My piece will look much different after it gets fired, the colors will be much more vibrant:)!


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  1. I LOVE painting pottery!! It’s a bit of an expensive hobby and not many of my friends understand it but I could literally spend hours in those paint studios. Your piece looks fantastic – I can’t wait to see it when it’s glazed! 🙂

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