Wacky Wednesday…


Due to my camera dying as soon as I woke up this morning I will not be showing any original pictures today… BOO!  Today was a work from home day for me but is was still a busy day!

For breakfast this morning I decided to try a twist on my Pumpkin Protein Pancakes and make Cherry Protein Pancakes:

I changed this recipe up a bit since I was out of cottage cheese.


1 scoop & 1/2 of Cherry Protein Powder

1/2 cup of plain greek yogurt

2 eggs whites

2 ice cubes

Cook on griddle at medium heat for 2 minutes each side and enjoy!  I also sliced up some fresh strawberries with a touch of sugar free syrup.  With a BIG mug of black coffee this was a great filling breakfast.

Since the weather today has been CRAZY I watched the weather all morning and decided to go for a run outside around noon.  Just as I got back a thunder and lighting storm blew in so my timing couldn’t of been better!

For lunch I had an easy turkey breast and mushroom melt on a whole wheat sandwich thin

This was a tasty quick and easy lunch!  Mike was meeting up with his band for dinner tonight so I knew it was a perfect time to try the Roasted Eggplant Parmesan recipe I had been dying to try.  My good friend Sondra is a veggie lover like myself so I invited her over for dinner.  This recipe ROCKS!

For desert we enjoyed a nice glass of Riesling

Today has been a long day full of great eats and treats!


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