Your my best friend….


The first half of today’s post is dedicated to my amazing BFF Jilly

Jill and I have been BFF’s since our freshman year in high school and have been through many good times and bad! Jill is a social worker/drug and alcohol rehab counselor for a women’s center.  She never gives herself enough credit and her caring and compassionate will never ceases to amaze me!  So everyone have a cocktail tonight in celebration of the birth of one of the most amazing women I know… my BFF Jill:)!

This morning started with a repeat of yesterdays breakfast since it was so tasty:


Since I know I am going to be having a few cocktails tonight for Jill’s birthday I did a great hard workout this morning which is detailed in workouts! This morning has flow by and before I knew it, it was lunch time.

For lunch today I had:

1 Wheat Sandwich Thin

A few slices of turkey breast

1/2 sliced avocado

Some cut up celery, cucumber,  and green pepper along with 2 Tbsp. of hummus


Its now time to get back to work!  I hope everyone is having a great Friday… TGIF!


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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice my blog! Your pumpkin oatmeal looks great – I LOVE pumpkin as well… even though it’s not exactly in season just now, a good pumpkin smoothie is just what I need on a hot day! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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